December 11, 23

How to AKT this winter.

The temperature has definitely dropped recently and that means we can indulge in all of our favorite cozy activities. 

But your AKT Deodorant Balm might not be feeling at its best. We’ve noticed that there are some small changes to the Balm during the colder months so here’s our handy guide on how to AKT this winter to get the best out of your deodorant: 

When we first launched our Deodorant Balm we noticed that in colder conditions our formula would harden and get a little stage fright. Whilst we know this may not be ideal, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve already adjusted the formulation of the balm. We also noticed that some tubes can get a little ‘grainy’. This is caused by "winterisation" of some oils and butters like Shea Butter. However, from testing, we know the lumps disappear once rubbed into your skin.

We are working hard backstage to get our next batch even smoother by adding further steps to reduce the chances of winterisation. We also know that the grains don’t affect the efficacy of the balms. 

Of course, it would be easy, like with other brands, to use synthetic ingredients to help keep the balm stable but that just doesn’t fit with our natural formula. No one said doing the right thing was easy!


Here are some ways to make sure using AKT is fuss-free this winter:

  • Squeeze from the back end of the tube (never the middle), ensuring the nozzle is completely clear. Roll the tube from the back as you go (like a toothpaste tube) so the balm will be easier to squeeze.
  • Store it somewhere warmer if possible. We’ve heard of people storing AKT next to the shower so it warms up and is ready when they’re done. You can also run it under a bit of warm water, or rub it between your hands for a few seconds.
  • Use The Assistant tool to help squeeze the perfect amount of product out of the tube. It’s not a necessity to use the Assistant but we've been told by some of our customers that during colder weather it's really helped.

If you need to please contact our wonderful Front of House team on and they’ll also be happy to assist you further. 

Stay cool out there!

Written by AKT London