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These smell really nice and work well. This set was a nice way to find my new perfect scent!

Delightfully impressed

I have tried SO MANY natural deodorants and been disappointed just as many times but this stuff is actually amazing. I smell great, even after busy, sweaty days which never happens for me. And even better, I have had zero irritation, which I was a little worried about. Exceeded my expectations for sure. Also worth noting my original order was lost in the ether somewhere and when I reported it the customer service was amazing and got a replacement sent out quickly.

My pits thank thee

I’ve tried natural deodorants before and they were always epic fails. AKT kept me dry all day and I love the scents!

Smells amazing and works

I have tried so many healthier options but this one is the first one that actually works all day! Customer for life

Finally a deodorant and antiperspirant that helps my underarms feel fresh and dry all day without causing an allergic reaction!


I was quite excited to receive my AKT after seeing all of the reviews. I was absolutely not disappointed! Strong enough to stave off sweat and odor and no waste?! It’s a win win! I am looking forward to trying all of the scents. Ed and Andy knocked it out of the park with this one! 100% recommend this one wholeheartedly!


Love it! I have been trying to find a deodorant like this for years. Thank you!

Love it

I have searched for a deodorant that would actually work and not irritate my skin- finally, it's here!

Beyond expectations

I have sensitive skin and have struggled finding a deodorant and antiperspirant that works with my body. This is one of the first brands I can safely say works and doesn’t react negatively with my skin!

Much better than Lume

It really works!!!

I can’t believe how well this stuff performs. It feels like putting a clay mask on your pits, but I kind of like it. The scent fades after a few hours but I still didn’t smell like sweat it was just kind of a nothing smell which I am totally fine with. Love this stuff!


This has been a life changer… good bye stick deodorant, thank you for a wonderful product!

Actually works

I waited for a while before writing a review, because I wanted to be sure, but this is hands down the only natural deodorant that I’ve tried that actually works. I don’t know how, but it keeps me dry and smelling fresh for 24 hours. I had almost given up on natural deodorants, and I’m so glad I found this one. I’m happily subscribed!

The best!

Honestly no other natural deodorant delivers like this one!!

The Discovery Set
Jessica S.
I'm in love!!!

Omg!!!"I finally found what I've been looking for!!! I've used soooo many different types of natural deodorants...vegan and without aluminum are my top concerns... I had been using Lume for years now as that was the best I've found so far, but it just didn't hold up for under my arms...I would have to re-apply throughout the day at times. It's a fabulous product otherwise... I saw an add fir AKT so I thought why not give it a try? I'm soooo greatful I did!!! It solved my underarm issue with the first small application!!! I would have to use a larger amount of Lume to even have a fraction of the protection that AKT gave me... literally it was a small, less than pea sized amount of AKT and not a speck of odor all day and even into the next day!!! Pure magic!!! At this point, I'm a true life long customer!!!💗💗💗🥰🙏😘

First Natural Deodorant that Actually Works

Genuinely the best and most effective deodorant I've tried -- doesn't stain clothing, lasts all day, and I've enjoyed all the scents I've tried so far. Truly a game-changer that I absolutely recommend

Amazing, best I have found…

The discovery kit is a must!

I had no idea which scent to try and I’m glad I didn’t pick one just off the description. All five and very different. Three were a hit! One was pretty, pretty good, and one wasn’t my style at all. So now I know what I like! The copper applicator is a must. So happy with these. I have been super sweaty all my life and tried everything out there from prescription to clinical strength to brands that the internet swears by. Finally a brand that’s strong, gentle, and keeps me dry and smelling lovely. The hype is real, sweaty girls!

This stuff really works. Love it and use it every day!

Smells amazing

Refreshingly yummy scent

I love this scent. It reminds me of cinnamon flavored desserts :)
Lasts for the whole day and leaves the skin moisturized.

I can’t believe I’m enthusiastic about a deodorant

This is the best deodorant I have ever tried. Gentle on skin and highly effective. This paste for your pits is not, in fact, the pits.

The Discovery Set
Atticus K.
The Discovery Set saved me time and money!

All of the AKT deodorant scents are sure to satisfy someone, but as someone who each of them appealed to, I needed help! As soon as I got the discovery set I was able to easily get clear sense of which ones might be right for me, and which are not. Definitely worth the money and first step!

Great product!

So far so good...

I've tried many different natural deodorants and products and I'm really loving this one after a couple weeks of use. The smell is nice but not overpowering so it doesn't fight with anything else and the best part is that I haven't noticed any underarm odor or that nasty bacteria that eventually makes you smell! Five stars to this and looking forward to trying some of the other scents.