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So far so good!!

This Works!

I’ve used and liked quite a few “ natural” deodorants but am convinced that AKT is the best of the bunch. While application isn’t the most convenient, it is totally worth a hand wash after applying to get this level of odor protection. And the scents are heavenly. Highly recommend.

the best

Love this product so much! Great ingrediants and works all day!

Best Deodorant I Have Found

I have tried a lot of natural deodorant and this is one of the only ones I've found that keeps me comfortably smell free through working out, stress, and even night sweats. The smell is nice without being overpowering. I actually look forward to putting it on in the morning.

Best aluminum-free deodorant I’ve found

This stuff actually works. It smells great, I feel like I sweat less when I wear it, and when I do there’s no BO smell. And it doesn’t stain my clothes like other aluminum-free products have.

Great product. It's not sticky, and does the job.

It works!!

It works and it’s long lasting!! It’s incredible how amazing it smell too

I like it!

I like it!

Best I’ve tried

This deodorant smells great and keeps me protected all day long!! I have tried dozens and this one is number one!!!

In LOVE !!

The absolutely best deodorant I have EVER found. I REFUSE to use anything else. I had my husband try it and just like me he has switched over. He left his old product and started using mine & I don’t mind.
Now as for the application process. Truly is no big deal. We place a pea size amount on top of our hand to rub on the underarm. Doing it this way keeps our fingers clean and away from getting underneath the nails. Switch hand to do opposite. Now some might find the hand application a nuisance but a little soap and water will do wonders.

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Michael B.
The product works, but the scents are nearly all the same to me

This product definitely keeps me from having any kind of unpleasant underarm odor. One application even works two days for me. I like the scents, but they really all kind of smell the same to me. It's nearly impossible for me to tell the difference between them, which I find surprising. I did notice that some scents last longer than others. The Orange Grove seems to fade the fastest and once the scent has gone, my underarms smell of just nothing, no odor of any kind. I plan to continue using the product.

Love the scents and works in Humid Texas Heat!

Lovely scents, and so far so good for effectiveness. Happy and subscribing!


I have been searching for a more natural working deodorant and came accross this on IG. My expectations have been far exceeded. First wear was a weekend of moving in 98 degree weather. Worked like a charm! Going into my 3rd week and have zero complaints.

Finally! Really works!

I have tried so many deodrant/antiperspirants and none have worked like the product. Anxious to try different scents!

Works for me!

I'm used to deodorant balms and creams, and this works just as well as other ones i've tried, but AKT has more sophisticated fragrance. For those who have never used a deodorant balm, they're a little messy to apply but I think they work better than any non-antiperspirant deodorant out there. These smell really good and I was happy to be able to try all the scents before committing to a full size. The dark purple one called Onsen is my favorite!

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Suzette M.
Super Impressed!

I was so nervous to try natural deodorant however my deodorant was no longer working for me and I decided to try AKT. I love it! Easy to apply, no mess, and lasts all day. I'm telling everyone about it and want to try the other fragrances.

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Vasilena G.

Love the product

Wonderful product!

I truly love this deodorant. A small amount goes on smoothly and does the job all day long. It also smells fantastic.

Works great but not in love with the smell

This deodorant works amazing for me but I will say I have to use a little more than a pea size for it to work all day. This particular smell isn’t for me so I think I will be trying another smell next time. This smell kinda reminds me of how an older women might smell. Which isn’t bad but isn’t what I’m going for. It’s a pleasant smell but reminds me of my grandma. 😅 Love AKT and even got one of my friends to use it. Shes a nurse who sweats just as much as me and she freakin loves it.

Actually works!

I’ve told everyone I know about this deoderant and I even ordered one for my husband. It is the best I’ve ever tried.

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Andrew K.
Surprisingly glorious

I half expected that this product would be all about marketing, and nothing of substance. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's 100% effective and sexy, a total game changer.

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Jessica B.

The Starter Set

Best deodorant ever!

This deodorant is the best I've ever used (natural or not). It controls odor and sweat, and smells incredible. Bonus points because the scent reminds me of my dad.


I have had no luck with natural deodorant. This one is actually works. I will be a customer for life.

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