October 31, 21

Stay Fearless with AKT: Sweat Without Worry

We’re not here to scare you, but we will scare off body odor...

Many people equate the word “natural” with ineffective when it comes to deodorant but AKT has proven otherwise. Trialled and tested on dancers in the West End, our unique Deo-Barrier Complexis a super effective blend of natural powders that rest invisibly on your skin, acting similarly to an antiperspirant, without actually blocking your pores. 

AKT is made without parabens or aluminum salts, and is packed with ingredients that address odour and moisture, naturally. No more yellow stains or clothes that smell like BO… even after washing.

It might sound crazy to those who haven’t tried a really great deodorant, but we really believe that a better deodorant can change your life. The right product will protect your clothes, nourish your skin, and keep you feeling calm, cool and confident - no matter what you’re tackling next. If you’re looking for a better deodorant, look no further. 

Pro Tip: When applying, give our deodorant balm a chance to sink into your skin before getting dressed. That way, you’ll ensure the balm isn’t getting soaked up by your clothes, and instead will be soaked up by your skin, ensuring our deodorant balm can get to work ASAP!