April 06, 23

Stress Awareness Month

Photography: @onsenhotpools


We know that life can be stressful sometimes and most of us will experience it on the regular - that’s just a fact of life (and it doesn’t just happen during Stress Awareness Month either!). Even the knowledge that you may encounter challenges can be stressful, but don’t fret! Some triggers are helpful and mobilise us to take action or keep us safe; whereas some chronic stressors can start to cause us harm.

Here’s the SCIENCE bit:

When we encounter stress (what used to be a sabertooth tiger back in the day) our body produces adrenaline and cortisol which quickens our heart rate; causes our blood vessels to dilate, increases our respiration and tightens muscles all getting us ready to act in that “fight or flight” response. The trouble is when our brains and bodies can’t tell the difference between a real threat and the things we experience every day that produce that same “fight or flight” response. Spend too much time in this state of hyper-vigilance and you can really start to see the impact on your wellbeing.

So how do we combat the unnecessary stresses that keep us from feeling at our best?

Things like staying physically active, getting proper sleep, eating well and practising mindfulness all contribute to good mental and physical health but there are some extra things you can do to upgrade your own personal self care.

OnsenPhotography: @opumo

This is where The ONSEN comes in.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese Onsens dating back to the 6th Century the Onsen’s luxurious scent helps you unwind and gain mental clarity. With natural notes of VETIVER to help promote deeper exhalations (and could help you stop snoring!); LAVANDIN which has that wonderful soporific quality and CITRUS just for that extra zing the Onsen is the perfect combination to take your self care routine into more a ritual. Taking the time to mindfully massage the balm into your skin and savour it’s deep aroma can give you that much needed break. Not only does it smell good, it’s also a UK natural deodorant balm that works.

 The Onsen Hot Pools

Photography: @onsenhotpools

We all need that time to switch off - no matter what you do. Our balms were created by actors and tested on dancers but we all play our roles in our own way and we need a deodorant that can keep up. Whether you’re a nurse, a builder, a teacher or a lawyer we all deserve to slow down and de-stress.

Of course we know that a deodorant balm isn’t going to solve all your problems and if you’re feeling like you’re struggling with stress it’s important to reach out to someone you trust or speak to your GP.

Onsen Hot Pools

Photography: @bridzii @b.s.visuals

There are also plenty of places to find practical information

Here are just a few:

Mind - Information Support

NHS - Mental Health

NHS - Every Mind Matters

So if this Stress Awareness Month do a little something for you, look after yourself and your wellbeing and indulge in those every day activities to take your mind off the things that weigh us down. It may seem small but it can make a big difference.

Written by AKT London