December 12, 23

The Deodorant Balm Caps: A look behind the curtain

If you’ve used our balms before, you’ll know they help you perform day in and day out. Not only that, but our tubes are 100% recyclable and plastic free.

That being said, we know that not everything can be perfect.
Our commitment to being plastic-free has come with numerous challenges along the way: one of them being our caps.


We know that some customers have had difficulty with our caps and we hear you. They are small and not the most user-friendly. This hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, we’re just having trouble finding a solution. We've been searching far and wide for plastic-free caps to fit our tubes. Sadly, we haven't had any luck and are having to explore the option of making our own bespoke caps. 

Most tubes, even if they are metal, come with plastic caps - usually with a pointed end so you are able to pierce the end of your tube, ready to use. Despite this being an easy fix we just can’t justify adding more plastic to an already existing problem in the beauty industry. 

We won’t compromise on plastic waste so the metal caps are the answer for now. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: doing the right thing is not always easy. 


To improve things we introduced recyclable silicone disks to help stop any essential oils from leaking out. They do a good job as long as you screw the lid on tight enough. They also don’t affect the recycling process of the tube because they are so small they are stripped away during the recycling process. Trust us, we’ve checked with aluminum recycling pros.

We also encourage customers to pierce the seal of their tubes with something sharp: a pen works well. Yes, it’s less aesthetically pleasing but we think it's a small price to pay. Plus you only have to do it once!

As a small business trying to make a difference, we are doing all we can to improve our caps but there’s a reason why not many plastic-free alternatives exist. It’s complicated and it's expensive! Our solution may not be perfect but we are staunch in our ethos and are working hard backstage to come up with alternatives. As soon as the bigger players in our industry implement these differences it will become easier and more accessible. Until then, we have to try and become the bigger guys! 

Thank you for sticking with these caps. We applaud your perseverance with them and for choosing sustainability over convenience. It’s a pat on the back for sure! 

Number 1 tip: make sure the cap is screwed on tight!
Written by AKT London