Let’s set the scene. You open the box and take out The Deodorant Balm. The packaging is completely plastic free. The ingredients are natural. You love that. 

You use a pen to pierce the seal and smell AKT for the first time. It’s fantastic. You feel transported already. 

You squeeze a pea-sized amount on your finger or The Applicator and massage the balm into your underarms like a moisturiser. It absorbs instantly. 

But don’t stop there feet, forehead, chest – Apply anywhere you need effective protection.

AKT lasts all day. But you put it in your bag. Who knows where today will take you.

CAUTIONS: Take care when piercing seal (a pen is ideal). Use product only as instructed. Store at room temperature and keep away from sunlight, heat, children and sensitive areas. May harden when cold. For external use only. Don’t use on irritated or broken skin. Always squeeze from the end. May change your life.