April 14, 24


It's time to shine a spotlight on all the positive press AKT has received since launching in the US. We'd always hoped to be embraced on Broadway just as we were in our hometown of the West End, but this has exceeded our expectations.

This year, we found ourselves featured in US Weekly, GQ US, endorsed by Oprah herself (gasp!), and we even heard whispers that we were spotted backstage at The Oscars. THE ACTUAL OSCARS!

Read our full coverage below:

We made the top five picks for natural deodorant in Oprah Daily, and they called us 'chic.' Right back at ya, Oprah!

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GQ US names us the Best Deodorant Balm for Men and predicts numerous accolades in our future in the US. 

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The one and only US Weekly sings our praises whilst also mentioning that Beyonce’s backup dancers use AKT on the regular. We’re one step closer to Queen B!

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Beauty Inc. recommends us for their ‘total-body solutions’. We’re just so versatile.

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And, as they say in Hollywood, that’s a wrap! Join us for more features next time.

Written by AKT London