April 17, 24


Looking for a whole body deodorant that works? AKT is your answer. From head to toe – our deodorant balm helps you perform all day.

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a sweaty back or chest. Even butt sweat can be a pain in the ass... (pun intended). AKT’s natural and aluminum-free deodorant is designed to help contain any bodily odors or uninvited sweat patches. So you can feel confident, dry, and refreshed, taking the worry of those tiresome sniff-checks away.

And when it comes to those VIP parts of your body, AKT deodorant balm can also be externally applied to deliver freshness and comfort without stress. Our unscented balm SC.00 NO NOTES is fragrance-free. So, if you don’t want to put fragrance oils near especially sensitive areas, SC.00 is the one for you, making you reassured and carefree as you go about your day — with nothing but the smell of success. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Oprah Daily, WWD and GLAMOUR mention us in their recent articles as the best whole body deodorant balm. 

Even when the spotlight’s on you, our balms are made to keep up with the heat and quick changes throughout your day. Our formula contains Deo Barrier Complex — made up of clean botanical and mineral powders that rest invisibly on the skin and absorb any natural perspiration and odors without blocking your sweat glands.


Armpits, chest, thighs, feet, underboob… Anywhere! Whether you’re strutting down through a busy day or enjoying a relaxing day off, let AKT’s natural deodorant balm be your skin and body’s ally and perform free of worries.



Written by AKT London