January 10, 24

AKT x Marie Claire

2024 has barely even started and we’re already celebrating another achievement: we’re in Marie Claire!

And not just a little mention, oh no: We have an entire article written about the Deodorant Balm we created!

When we made AKT for the first time on our kitchen hob in London we never dreamed that we’d have full-page spreads all about us, and in Marie Claire, no less!

But more importantly, we are so happy to hear that Humeara Mohamed has found a deodorant that works for her. That’s really what it is all about. 

Humeara confesses, “There’s simply no way of sugarcoating it: without the help of a darn good deodorant, I smell pretty awful.” but after using AKT it changed her life.

"I genuinely feel like I’ve discovered something magical. I will be sure to buy for the rest of my days."

We set out to create a deodorant that WORKED and from reading Humeara’s experience we have one more happy set of armpits. Thank you, Marie Claire!

Ed and Andy x

Written by AKT London