January 08, 24

Revolutionize your routine with AKT.

Don’t worry, we haven’t got too big for our boots just yet. It’s not us calling ourselves ‘Revolutionary’; it is GQ.

Yes,  GQ!


GQ, who are always ahead of the curve, called us revolutionary for our innovative Deodorant Balm. 

We don’t disagree!

​​At AKT, we do things differently. Our founders, Ed and Andy, decided to change the game. We did away with the aerosols, roll-ons and nasties.  

It just so happened that their formula found itself in the form of a balm - allowing intimate application and a new way of working. AKT sits on the skin to absorb sweat keeping you feeling dry all day long. The Deodorant Balm revolutionized the routine of 10000+ armpits.

We made a deodorant that not only makes you feel protected but that upgrades your morning ritual. The sleek design looks oh-so-good sitting on your bathroom shelf and the meticulously crafted fragrances transport you to new scenes filled with confidence. Most importantly, AKT gives you the confidence to step onto your stage - whatever that may be - and PERFORM. 


Our friends at GQ recognised this ingenuity and have been our champions ever since.  

Now they’ve even gone so far as to award us ‘Best Grooming Product’ in 2023 and we couldn’t be more proud. 

So if your deodorant just isn’t up to scratch, don’t just take our advice, take GQ’s! 

It’s a revolution.

Written by AKT London