December 23, 22

Everything you need to know about SC.04 Halcyon Summers

Since launching SC.04 Halcyon Summers, Ed & Andy went live on Instagram to discuss everything you need to know about our newest scent! For those who want to watch, click here to hear it all from our founders.

Or for those who prefer a good read, we’ve put the most important details below!

Describe how you came about putting Sc.04 together?

Well it all started 2 years ago when we launched the brand. We were already thinking about what was coming next! Immediately we had the colour in mind that was the root of our inspiration. The beautiful turquoise blue that has been brought to life immediately transported us to the Aegean sea. We knew this had to be the location we based our next scent around. 

From there, we started brainstorming together and writing down short stories. These would be inspired by our previous experiences of being in the mediterranean, what we could see, smell, taste and feel. We then cultivated it into one large story, which is what you can now find on the side of the box to help perfectly describe the scent. 

“A lazy walk back to the villa, along cobbled streets, past tomato vines and proud citrus trees. Under the dusk sky, locals smoke cigars and drink mint tea. The sea air greets your sun-kissed skin like an old friend. Here’s to endless summers.”


This scent description then became our brief when formulating the scent. From there we worked with our perfumers, trialling and experiencing different notes which encapsulated the scent description we created. This is the period of time which can take a LONG time. We’re talking over a year and a half to get it perfect! But once we finalised the formula, we knew it was going to be a hit…

What does the name mean?

HALCYON (definition) /ˈhalsɪən/adjective⁠

- Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.⁠

This deodorant will transport you back to your favourite summer memories. Allowing you to reminisce and relive the moments you look back on so fondly all year round. 

What are three words that describe the type of person who would love Halcyon Summers?

Daydreamers, sunseekers, romanticists. And sweaty people too! 

Does SC.04 have the same base formula as the other deodorants?

Yes it does, still just as powerful as all of The Deodorant Balms. One application lasts all day, keeping you feeling fresh and confident. You’ll be surprised at how little you need to apply.

How do I apply the balm?

Our top tip is to use your fingers. Now, for those new to AKT, we know it might sound a bit strange at first, but your fingers are the oldest tools in the world! Using your fingers can help massage and moisturise your skin beautifully. The balm will soak into your skin incredibly quickly, leaving no mess AND no stains on your clothes! 

However, if you don’t want to use your fingers, we do have The Applicator which is the perfect alternative inspired by Chinese Gua Sha. This is the perfect tool to aid lymphatic drainage and boost blood circulation around your armpit area. 


For those who want to try SC.04 Halcyon Summers, but aren’t ready to commit to a full sized tube, fear not… You can put AKT to the test with our Mini tubes! Each tube will give you the opportunity to test out the scent for 6-8 days depending on how much you use. Who knows, it might be your new favourite.

We hope you love our new addition to the Cast as much as we do!

Written by AKT London