January 22, 21

The Best Natural Deodorants Are Kind to Your Skin and Your Clothes

Natural deodorants seem to be having a moment. From Selfridges to the shelves of your favourite boutique fitness studio, you’ll find dozens of new products with claims to be the “best natural deodorant” on the market. 

With a dizzying array of options, it’s often overwhelming to decide what to look for in a natural deodorant. Are you looking for a chemical-free deodorant with clean ingredients

Does it need to be vegan and cruelty free? How do you feel about texture? Are you looking for a stick, cream, or spray? 

When it comes to ingredients, are you sensitive to things like baking soda or tea tree oil? Do you need something that’s fragrance-free

Are you overwhelmed yet? We’ve got your back (and your pits). Read on for our best tips for finding a natural deodorant that ticks all the right boxes for your sweaty, smelly needs. Glamorous, right?

The bottom line 

If you’ve ever combed the internet, influencer reviews and/or social media for things like what’s the best antiperspirant for women or natural deodorant for men that “actually works” – you may have noticed that there seems to be a difference between the two products. 

Deodorants and antiperspirants differ for one key reason; aluminium. It’s officially known as Aluminium Chlorohydrate and often called ‘aluminium salts’. But any presence of aluminium is basically the “anti” in antiperspirants. This compound is what keeps you from sweating, effectively trapping sweat inside your body. 

Deodorants on the other hand, typically don’t contain aluminium salts, which means they don’t actually keep you from sweating. Instead, they tackle body odour, which is generally associated with sweat, but isn’t the same thing. Deodorants help eliminate “sweat smells”, antiperspirants keep that sweat from coming out of your pits in the first place. Make sense? 

What's actually in your deodorant? And more importantly, why does it matter? 

In case you didn’t know, Akt was created after Ed and Andy (our founders) spent years cooking up different deodorant formulations on the hob — for fun. They struggled to identify nearly any of the ingredients in their “normal” deodorant - and knew there had to be a better alternative. 

That’s why we use simple, natural ingredients that you’re probably already familiar with. Here’s a few examples of our favourites: 

  • Calendula Oil: extracted from marigold flowers, this oil has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Coconut Oil: contains fatty acids that may help heal and soothe inflamed skin 
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant that protects and repairs skin.
  • Deo-Barrier Complex™: includes Diatomaceous Earth (all-natural) and a small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate which work together to absorb moisture. Our unique, super effective blend of natural powders rest invisibly on your skin, acting similarly to an antiperspirant, without actually blocking your pores. 

Wow, that’s a lot to consider. So how do I make sure I’m choosing the right deodorant for me? 

Swipe right... 

We think deodorant is a little bit like dating. It takes time to find the “one.” 

First, you’ll need to decide if you’re looking for an antiperspirant or a deodorant. Whilst some products consider themselves to be both, if they claim to be the “best UK natural antiperspirant - you might want to take a closer look at what’s inside. 

It’s pretty likely that any product claiming to be an antiperspirant probably contains aluminum chloride or aluminium salts. If that’s something you’re trying to avoid, an antiperspirant probably isn’t the right pick for your pits. 

You’ll also need to decide what type of product you’re looking for - whether it's a cream, liquid, solid or spray.  If you prefer a spray, you’re most likely going to have to select something with aerosols that can be extremely harmful for the environment, so we’d recommend something that’s a solid or a cream - like Akt.

Then take a look at the packaging. If you’re looking for something that’s totally plastic-free, then we might fit the bill! There are other options that are natural and effective, but unfortunately packaged entirely with plastics. 

Ready to try Akt? Follow these application tips for the optimal performance.

Akt prefers clean, dry pits (don’t we all?!). Which just means you may need to give it a minute before applying if you’ve just showered. 

Make another coffee, brush your teeth or take a #shelfie (tag us please!) while you wait for things to dry up a bit. 

Now you’re ready for Aktion (sorry, we had to). Carefully squeeze a pea sized amount of The Deodorant Balm onto your fingers. 

Gently rub the balm onto your skin, and you’re ready for Aktion. 

Pro Tip: you don’t have to stick to your pits! Akt is safe for your feet, hands, back, chest - you name it. 

How often should you use it? 

Most people tell us they use Akt once a day after showering, and apply as needed before or after a tough workout etc. Some people have said it lasts for 48 hours, others say 12. It really depends on your own personal body chemistry, and may take some experimentation to find the right routine. 

When in doubt, ask the pros 

If you have very sensitive skin or are prone to rashes/irritation, you may want to do a small patch test before applying your deodorant for the first time. Though we’ve seen VERY few reactions, they’re always possible when it comes to trying new skincare products, so if you have specific concerns, it’s best to consult your GP.

Bonus benefit: Akt is great for your skin, and kind to your clothes 

Did you know that the aluminium salts can build up within the fibres of your clothing over time, causing a chemical reaction between the fabric, your antiperspirant, and your sweat (ugh, we never did like chemistry). So in addition to trapping sweat in your pores, ingredients in antiperspirants can also cause problems for your wardrobe.

After years of performing, Ed and Andy ruined countless costumes from long, sweaty rehearsals and shows. From yellow stains to crunchy pits and lingering sweat smells - let’s just say things weren’t feeling too fresh. 
So they made a deodorant that’s designed to be good for your skin, and your clothes. 

Akt contains no aluminium salts, and is packed with ingredients that address odour and moisture, naturally. No more yellow stains or clothes that smell like BO… even after washing. 

Pro Tip: When applying, give our deodorant balm a chance to sink into your skin before getting dressed. That way, you’ll ensure the balm isn’t getting soaked up by your clothes, and instead will be soaked up by your skin, ensuring our deodorant balm can get to work ASAP! 

Fewer pitfalls? Sign us up! Sweat stains from deodorant

It might sound crazy to those who haven’t tried a really great deodorant, but we really believe that a better deodorant can change your life. The right product will protect your clothes, nourish your skin, and keep you feeling calm, cool and confident - no matter what you’re tackling next. If you’re looking for a better deodorant, look no further. Effective off-stage, and tested on stage, Akt was truly Born to Perform.